Aims & Objectives

To offer children a value based and holistic education, which paves the way for the Integrated Development of the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the personality, which is enriched by the knowledge of Indian Culture, a feeling of Patriotism and a Universal Outlook.

To mould children into young men and women with moral strength who can face the challenges of modern life with a smile and make a difference in the world by their positive contribution.

To give a practical and judicious combination of academic excellence, extra-curricular pursuits, character building and personality development.


Vijnana Anveshana : Students learn science by performing experiments. Electronics is also taught. It is open to students of 7th class of all the schools.

Jnana Samvardhini: A Centre for Excellence

It is an institution for young boys and girls who dream of developing and enriching their personality and character. Jnana Samvardhini has come up with a view to cater the techniques of study, memory, self-management, communication skills, career planning and the like.

Chinmava Chetana : This course is meant for ladies between the age of 17 years to 35 years who have not studied for various reasons either financial or any other.

The course is so planned to educate the trainees (Rugna Sevikas) in Basic Skills of Nursing, in prevention of disease, and promotion of health. These Sevikas will become the best health promotors. They will be able to help their own family and the society.

Institute of Performing Arts : It is proposed to start an Institute of performing Arts to encourage students in various Performing Arts. It is proposed to start classes in Classical Music, Drawing, Painting, Craft, Theater activity, Dance, etc. The classes will be held in non school hours in the Vidyalaya and will be open for all.

Chinmaya P U. College of Science & Commerce

The first college in Hubli to partner BASE for IIT-JEE, CET & PU Science and Nakshatra Technologies for Tally EPR-9 Vir. for Commerce

‘College with a difference’


Chinmaya English Primary School, Hubli is committed :

1. To provide the students, irrespective of their background, reliable and high quality education.

2. To provide modern academic systems and facilities to help students learn better.

3. To recognize their talents both in academic and Co-curricular activity and provide all possible encouragement and support for them to blossom.

4. To encourage and promote discipline, primarily through self discipline and value education.

5. To encourage creativity and innovative spirit by providing opportunities.

6. To inculcate, foster and internalize eternal values that are integral to Indian culture and tradition by practice and precept.

7. To discourage negative attitude and deviant behaviour by counselling and other appropriate means.

8. To encourage universal outlook and instill a feeling of nationalism and patriotism by creating suitable environment.

9. To provide, in all, a holistic education to the children, in order that they become good human beings and useful citizens, making valuable contribution to the society and for the growth of the nation.


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