House System

The houses:

The school pupils have been divided into four houses namely : Vyasa ,Valmiki , Vasishtha and Vivekananda. In order to bring discipline , efficiency, and leadership the elected students are badged with the batches .  Leaders are selected on the basis of annual election.  The present commander of our school is Lavya Jain. The Deputy commander is Spoorthi Pandhari

Sports Secretary : Rohan R Betageri  Deputy Sports Secretary : Srushti Bankapur

House Captain and Vice Captain
Vyasa Pranav Prabhu and Tanisha Take (C)

Sachit Hegde and Bindushree Nayak (VC)

Valmiki Sughosh Junjarwad and Bhoomika Patil (C)

M.D Gufran and Prachi Jain (VC)

Vasishtha Sayyam Kothari and Priya Pillai (C)

T.Gourinandan and Bhumika Malenadu (VC)


 Prabhanjan Bagal and Prish Patil (C)

Adishesh  Arbatti and Ananya Kunthe (VC)


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