Study Tour

Education does not mean only books but can be gained through travelling by visiting a new place and meet different kinds of people. Children get immense pleasure by visiting the various places. To meet their requirements the school arranged picnics for them as below,

Std.- VII Place Visited -Sericulture, Rayapur
Date – 27-7-15
Subjects covered – Science
Incharge Teachers- Mrs Neeta Hegde, Mrs Mamta Gondkar
Std -X Place Visited – Belur and Halebidu, Cultural Heritage Site visit
Date – 29-6-15
Subjects Covered – History, English,  Science, Art, Kannada
Incharge Teachers – Mrs Rashmi S N, Mrs Manjusha , Mr Mallappa.L,&  Mr Krishnappa
Std –  VI, VIII
Place Visited – Bengeri
Date – 17-1-15Subjects Covered- Science and Value EducationIncharge Teachers – Mrs Neeta H, Mrs Anjali.K, Mrs Mamta.G and Mrs Vinuta.K
 Std –  V
Place Visited – Central Library and Siddharudh Math
Date – 17-1-15

Subjects Covered- Social Science, English and Value Education

Incharge Teachers – Mrs Rekha.L, Mrs Pushpa P, Mrs Darshana G

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